Museum of Contemporary Art

Self Mailer

Museum of Contemporary Art | Classwork

Concept, Design

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop


The Museum of Contemporary Art, located in Cleveland plays an important part in the city’s cultural landscape. The museum’s building stands as a sculpture to complete the scenery of one of the busiest areas of Cleveland. It was designed for both environmental and fiscal sustainability and with it’s geometric form the building serves as a stunning art piece in itself. The four story building rises from a six-sided base to a four-sided top, producing eight triangles and trapezoids while he exterior is sheathed in panels of reflective black stainless steel. This self mailer is designed in order to show off the form of the building. The die-line of the building is drawn out and perforated in the center of the mailer. When cut out and constructed, the building of the MOCA comes to life.

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